Services Available

1:1 Yoga Sessions

These 1:1 sessions are carefully tailored to the specific needs of each client. Helen has been a primary/ special educator for 13 years and has extensive experience working with children who have SEND, she also has a specific Rainbow Yoga qualification for children and families as well as Special Yoga Practitioner accreditation. Whether looking to add to a home-education programme, explore the therapeutic benefits of Special Yoga or anything in between, please get in touch to discuss how we can help.

Family Yoga

These sessions are designed to help families make room in their busy schedules to spend some quality, playful time together. The sessions promote creativity, working together, positive interaction, nurture, affection and shared relaxation. They are also a great opportunity for the whole family to fit in some physical exercise together.

Family Special Yoga

These sessions are developed specifically for children with SEND and their families. As well as the family Yoga intentions shared above, these sessions will have more limited places and will take into account individual starting points to provide focus on particular areas of need e.g. developing strength and motor planning skills, building tolerance, communication, interaction, relaxation and self-regulation.