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What people say about us

My daughter and I were so lucky to happen upon Lila Yoga and Helen on a Google search a couple of months ago and since then we haven't looked back!


Helen is the most amazing person, so calm and compassionate and an absolutely amazing yoga instructor. She has totally transformed my little girl by helping her with her difficulties in proprioceptive processing. She successfully adapts the sessions to allow my daughter to gain in confidence so that she can really enjoy and engage in the yoga itself.


I believe that anyone would benefit from Lila Yoga and in fact everyone should have a "Helen" in their lives! A truly magical experience with fantastic yoga too - I couldn't recommend her enough! Thank you Helen x



Lila yoga has been a brilliant find for our son, who has classic severe autism. We've known Helen for a long time and have always been aware of her brilliance and outstanding knowledge and practice with regard to all things autism and special educational needs and disabilities in general. 


Helen is the ONLY specialist around to our knowledge. Our son loves yoga and gets so much out of it. It helps him tremendously, not just with sensory aspects of his autism, but also learning to manage his own behaviour and triggers etc in an appropriate way. It equips him with really valuable tools and calming techniques that he uses and work. 


He finds it really relaxing too. Would highly recommend yoga and we can't recommend Helen highly enough, she is simply brilliant in every way, very professional and is a brilliant practitioner. Excellent in covid compliance too. 

- Kim

I have known Helen professionally for many years, she previously worked as a Class Teacher in a specialist school for children and young people with Autism where I also worked as Deputy Head. During this time I found her to be highly professional, an amazing teacher with a thorough knowledge of how to interact, engage and motivate pupils of all abilities to be the best they can be.


She has a flair for developing pupil’s language, communication and self-regulation skills, using movement, music, singing,  assisted technology and multi- sensory exploration. Her lessons have always been outstanding and left pupils wanting more.


Helen has a calm, patient approach, is very open and is a multi- talented, creative practitioner. She has developed many specialist skills including Yoga, music, dance and drama and this has had a positive influence and improved the lives of many children and young people.


Helen is also keen to share her approaches and specialist knowledge with other professionals, she always has an excellent relationship with parents and is highly regarded for her work.


-Claire Waldrom, MBE (Services to Education)

I just wanted to let you know that my son and daughter have been watching and joining in with your safari yoga video and they really love it. My son has quite a short attention span normally but he sits and watches the whole thing and loves doing all the moves. He is pre-verbal at the moment due to dyspraxia so the signing is great and a lot of the animals in the video are animals he uses to practice his sounds during speech therapy so it is perfect!

Thanks for sharing.  

- Rebecca

My Lila Yoga session was absolutely fantastic, my son is extremely shy and Helen made him feel really relaxed and tuned in straight away how to talk to him to get him involved.

Helen was able to model everything and using the yoga bear show who can get into all the poses too, so it was really easy for my son to understand what to do during the session.

We really enjoyed the story aspect of the yoga, with interactive sensory play, this helped my son relax and really enjoy himself. His favourite thing was definitely using a spray bottle and the big parachute.

We will definitely be attending more sessions in the future.


Great interactive yoga for the whole family my two children (aged 5 and 2) loved it

- Helen

G absolutely loved the Yoga adventure. He really enjoyed the different options for travel and guessing which animals he would see! Thank you so much! 

- Naomi

I’ve taken part in several of Helen’s yoga sessions and I’ve loved every one of them. Helen has a wealth of knowledge and an approach which welcomes all abilities and puts you at ease from the word go. I have especially enjoyed the focus on breath work and I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my flexibility.

Helen’s sessions always leave me feeling calmer, more focused and having more energy. I’m already looking forward to the next one!


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